Why You Should Choose Our Truck Dispatch Training?

The trucking industry plays an important role in the country’s economy. Trucks deliver most of the goods throughout the nation. Despite being slow down due to pandemics, trucking companies continue to grow. If you are looking to enroll in the trucking industry it is important to understand it. With the help of our dispatch training program, you will get to know everything from beginning to end.

Truck Dispatch Training INC SERVICES


Course Available in 3 Languages:
Introduction to Dispatch Logistics and IT

We introduce you with the concepts and issues in operations management all at the ground level in the basics of managing materials. Every decision made by you as the dispatcher is going to influence the transportation business.

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Load Acquisition and Matching

With the help of online load matching systems and software, one can easily access to ensure that no truck drives an extended trip without any load. We help you learn how to advertise loads with the help of the technology you will be accessing and how you can contact and negotiate.

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Hands-on Truck Dispatching Training

Help get on to the dispatching process with the right tools. We will teach you how a reliable tool can help you access the process and increase efficiency, reduce operational overhead and improve accuracy so that there are no errors found during the work.

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Order Management

Streamline any size of operation with the help of our training program for dispatchers. We help you fully expertise in managing and analysing your mobile fleet and workforce of drivers, couriers and technicians. We are dedicated in teaching our clients how to automatically create task and optimise it for the employees to be dispatched.

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Route Management

For the transportation business, optimising routes and scheduling makes the big difference in maximising the deliveries and uplifting the career and cutting down the unnecessary costs. This is the most important and the foremost thing to learn and develop the skills of the dispatchers.

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Specialized Freight

Handling all those dispatching tasks could never be easier, especially when it is about the specialized freight. It must be handled with care and there must be a backup set in case of emergency. We train our dispatcher clients to help you get the job done legally and safely ensuring the safety of your employees and the goods as well.

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Authorities & Permits

We understand that trucking industry is complex and challenging as well. Therefore, we are here for all those about to become successful dispatchers out there. But before that, make sure your firm have all that correct documentations and permits to transport good from coast to coast. We are here to help you out with the right management training.

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TL, LTL Shipments

Within seconds and with few mouse clicks, all those TL, LTL carriers and shipments can now be benefitted with the right training at Truck Dispatching Training INC.

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Account Management

Managing your bookkeeping and financials should be done with very careful measures. We help you get fully expert in handling all those vital accounting tasks in your transportation business and handle all your paperwork.

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Truck Dispatch Training – Our Courses

Are you thinking to make a career in transportation? Then there is good news for you we are offering you a truck dispatch training course. Our course focuses on every core detail of the transportation industry that will enable you to master this field. At, you will receive the best guidance under certified trained professionals. They will help you learn everything about the trucking industry. So, if you want to learn from scratch then our training program is just for you. For an overview, you will study concepts like fleet management, truck dispatching, freight pricing, and much more at our training course.

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Hands-on Experience on Technology

The transportation industry is growing so is its technology. These days many trucking companies are working with the latest software which helps them to monitor their operations. Sometimes learning these software’s are hard but frets not. At, our detail training program, you will get hands-on experience with all types of industry-related software.

Practical Knowledge

At Truck Dispatch Training Inc we have module-based learning these modules include all practical programs. Which makes you familiar with every aspect of the trucking industry like planning, choosing the route, safely delivering, maintaining a proper dispatch system, and much more.

Industry Based Learning

Our industry-based learning provides you the opportunity to learn skills that companies look for in a candidate. These skills will enhance your carrier knowledge, skills, and abilities and give you the advantage to reach your carrier goal.

Assessment and Feedback

What will be the benefit of learning if your training goals are not met? Keeping this in our mind we have added the feature of assessment and feedback in our training session. This will evaluate your learning and will improve your learner confidence.


Learn from Scratch

Many learners come to us for their lack of knowledge. Our course is intended to provide concepts in the logistics and trucking industry. We ensure that you’ll have complete knowledge of the trucking industry by the time the course is finished.

Experience learning with Latest Technology

Trucking companies have completely transformed with the latest technology in the past few years. These days trucking companies are using the latest software to manage their business. With our training session, you will be able to understand the latest software used by the companies.

Know Government Policies, Procedure, and Certifications

Trucking companies are regulated by the government, so you need to understand the latest government norms and regulations. Our expert training programs cover all essential certifications needed by the trucks to operate.


Our training session is simple and easy to understand that will help you at every step of dispatch process. You should choose our program if you:

If you want to start a business.
Want to make carrier in Dispatch Trucking.
Interested to learn how trucks are dispatched.
If your relatives operate a trucking business.

So, if you fall into these categories you can join our dispatch training trucking program.