Truck Dispatcher Course Details:

It’s 5-7 Days Online course in which we teach everything that you need to know to start your own Dispatch. But learning takes 15-20 days. So after coaching we help you to let you setup everything with our help.

Glimpse of the Truck Dispatcher Course: 

  1. Which Softwares you can use and how to use them.
  2. Load Board
  3. Interaction with brokers
  4. Which brokers to interact with
  5. How to book load with brokers
  6. How to negotiate rates
  7. How to make invoices
  8. Payroll management
  9. IFTA Data Collection
  10. Expense management
  11. Revenues Management
  12. Sub-Haulers management
  13. Factoring
  14. Invoice upload for payments
  15. Organization strategies

This is just an idea basically everything will be covered.

We try to cover everything in 5 days but days varies, generally it depends on the student till the time he/ she feels confident.

We expect you to book the classes one week prior to start date. Classes will be 1-1. We are ready to adjust as per your time’s availability.

After the classes, if you feel you are missing any kind of knowledge or you are having hard time in applying your strategies in software or anything. You can call us anytime and we will always be available to help you.